We work closely with our clients to understand project requirements, bring ideas into focus, and provide solutions to challenging issues.

We handle all aspects of the development cycle, from wireframing to deployment, as well as ongoing support. We follow best practices for security and data storage.

The following examples are features we regularly integrate into our applications:

  • Social media login

    We’ll help you simplify your sign up and login process for your customers by enabling sign-in through a variety of social media apps. Social login can complement traditional sign-up forms, and increase registration on your site.

  • Admin dashboard

    Our secure dashboard feature allows administrators to view and edit all database records. Access to your dashboard can be limited by staff role within your organization. Our customizable dashboard offers a summary of reports and tables.

  • E-commerce integration

    Using Stripe, PayPal, and other third-party payment processors, we can create a seamless and secure way for you to collect payments for your products, services, and subscriptions.

  • Email & SMS integration

    We can give you the power to connect with your customers through email and SMS messaging to increase your customer engagement.

  • Data analytics

    You'll be able to monitor site traffic, custom events, and customer profiles through data analytics.

  • Exportable data

    Your data is important. We ensure that you have access to your data in an exportable format (PDF or Excel). Use this feature within the admin dashboard, or produce custom reports for your customers.

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